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Entrepreneur Pilots wanted

Build companies and foster ideas. You are an ambitious individual and have the skills and experience to build a company around an idea. Maybe you have the next great idea, or want to help someone else get an idea off the ground. Either way, we need you! Learn More or Apply Now!

Talent Making the magic happen

You have highly sought after skills and are looking for something exciting to apply them towards. Start with our careers. If you're ambitious enough, learn to code through Code At The Beach.

Investor Startup Fuel

You have seen great success in your life and have achieved the status of accredited investor. Now you want that money to go towards empowering those like yourself to also see great wealth, and maybe see a return on that investment as well.

Mentor Co-Pilot directing this rocket

You are likely a veteran in your industry and have worked with some amazing companies over the years. Now you want to help guide others to achieve the same success you have already achieved.

Coworker Collaborate & get work done!

You're tired of working alone at home, and you want to join a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you're entrepreneurial yourself, or just like the vibe - you want to be part of something bigger. Come hang with the rocket-builders.

Donor Startup.SC Fuel

Support the staff and facilities of Startup.SC - We need supplies to build our rocket!

This Rocket is taking off from Coastal South Carolina

Come join us and get aboard!